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The restored building of Mirthea suites holds a captivating story that will transport you to bygone eras, weaving together mysterious threads of the past. It is home to a lot of fairy tales and serves as inspiration for new stories to be born.

Let us trace the long timeline. In the distant 1941, we find the building which was then a residence owned by a local man, a postman by profession. During the German occupation, the entire area of Plakias fell under their control, and the building itself was repurposed as the "Administrative Observatory" overseeing the entire coastline. The location and the panoramic views provided by Mirthea Suites were ideal for this purpose.

A few years later, in 1959, at the age of 19, Manolis Vardakis, father of Kostas Vardakis, the owner of the business, decided to buy the house at the price of 35,000 drachmas (103.00€), after numerous negotiations and amidst the financial difficulties of that period.

"A peaceful and happy life", the whole family exclaims nostalgically, reminiscing about the years they lived at their parents' house in Myrthios. The memories of  the lighthearted street games, the laughter and the voices of the children, the carefree walks in the alleys of the village, the afternoon gatherings with neighbors, villagers and friends, life amidst the virgin nature and the love for the animals that were stabled next to the house remain close to their heart still.

For reasons related to work, the family of four leaves their family home and settles in the village of Plakias, a mere 16 years later.    

Thus, the building currently hosting Mirthea suites was being rented out until 2019, a significant restart date, since that is when Kostas Vardakis decided to renovate it from the ground up, preserving and respectfully employing the history and local architecture that make this place so unique and significant. After all, it is part of his family heritage and he considers it his duty to give it a new lease of life in his own way. His vision? To breathe life into the neighborhood of his birth, where he spent his early childhood playing and creating cherished memories.

A name of great significance

A dreamy synthesis of two timeless elements that stay in the memories of the guests. Mirthea suites is named after the traditional village in which it is based, Myrthios, and the magnificent panoramic view (“thea” in Greek) it offers to the entire bay, from mountain to sea and from west to east. These two striking elements are dynamically united at the name Mirthea suites weaving together an intricate net of past, present and future experiences.


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