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Discover the best hidden secrets of southern Crete with specially designed tours, activities and experiences that invite you to discover the quintessence of the island.

Relax on the magical beaches, enjoying the peaceful yet adventurous moments they abundantly offer. Travel the vast blue Libyan sea by boat. Live like a local by discovering the Cretan way of life, its tradition and history. Explore the rich, natural beauty of the Cretan land with enchanting excursions, tours and activities. Get to know the most famous and significant historical sights of the Crete. Indulge in culinary experiences that will seduce your senses with their flavors, aromas and uniqueness. Feel the irresistible aura of relaxation and well-being by specialised and experienced massage experts who will pamper you with carefully designed massage treatments.

Authentic Cretan experiences for the most unforgettable holiday experience in southern Crete!

experiences Close-by beaches

Discover the most magical beaches of Crete and relax enjoying the famous clear blue waters, warm sand and hot sun. Each beach has its own charm, thanks to its natural integrity and unique timeless value. The beaches closest to our suites, with their unparalleled views and unique beauty are the ideal getaway for a truly relaxing vacation.


experiences Boat trips in southern Crete

Surrender to the beauty of the endless blue of the Cretan sea, traveling by boat and experience the “raw” beauty of Crete. Set sail for the most idyllic beaches of the island and admire the unique landscape that only the power of nature could create. The experience of boat trips in southern Crete will take your vacation to the next level!


experiences Live like a local

Experience the essence of Crete through authentic, traditional experiences "Live like a Local". Tour around picturesque, traditional villages of the surrounding area, full-day thematic excursions for Olives and Bread, guided tour and wine tasting of Cretan wines at an award-winning, family winery, visit to a rural, organic farm. The Cretan way of life and the locals, with their open heart and welcoming attitude, will make you feel at home.


experiences Excursions in nature

Connect with the magic of nature in southern Crete through activities that combine exploration and adventure. Stock up on appetite and energy and get ready to reward yourself with the most imposing natural landscapes of the island. In the area surrounding the hotel you will enjoy every kind of outdoor activity depending on your preferences, from hiking in impressive canyons to diving in the rich Cretan seabed.


experiences Journey through the history of Crete

The island of Crete, apart from its deep blue beaches, outstanding natural beauty and carefree life, also features a magnificent history and a great past of monumental historical and archaeological importance. Your holidays on the southern side of Crete offer you the opportunity to visit centuries-old monasteries, historical museums, significant attractions, traditional villages and archaeological sites bearing important traces of bygone cultural eras.


experiences Cretan gastronomy

Taste the authentic Cretan gastronomy, with the local, traditional mezedes, the famous local drinks and warm, family-like hospitality. This is exactly what you  will experience at Amalthea restaurant and Nymfes bar. The flavors and aromas of the authentic Cretan cuisine will take you on a culinary journey, while the refreshing treasures of the Cretan land will add a touch of freshness and rejuvenation to your carefree holidays.


experiences Wellness

It's time to live the ultimate experience of detoxification, rejuvenation and relaxation with specially designed wellness practices by skilled and experienced massage therapists. Indulge in peaceful and delightful moments as your senses are stimulated with the precious elements of Nature. Live the ideal massage experience in southern Crete, an experience that relieves the body and renews the spirit.


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